Greetings! Welcome to the Copyright Toolkit, which I created for INFO 281, Digital Copyright — a course taken during Fall 2015, as part of the MLIS program at San José State University’s School of Information. I still periodically update this with new articles and resources.

Audience: This toolkit is primarily aimed at librarians and LIS professionals. Secondary audience includes educators and persons interested in copyright and fair use issues.

You can access information in two ways: by specific topic via the tag cloud links in the sidebar — or by posts on broader topics in the Articles navigation menu and page. Several topics overlap within the posts, as you’ll notice by the tags applied, but I try to avoid listing the resources redundantly.

Disclaimer: This website focuses on laws, guidelines, and issues in the United States, unless otherwise noted. Moreover, I am not a lawyer, so please do not take all the content herein as The Final Word regarding copyright or intellectual property (IP).

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